What is needed for publication in the repository?

  • the complete electronic document in PDF file format
  • bibliographic information / metadata
  • the signed declaration of consent


How is the publication in the repository done?

1. Submit document

Please send us your document via e-mail.

In addition to the file in PDF format, we will gladly accept your document original file(s) created in word processing, e.g. *.doc or *.tex, as well as *.ps or *.dvi formats.

Please note that the document is identification-free and is not subject to any security restriction.


2. Declaration Of Consent / Deposit Licence

Please download our Deposit Licence. We ask you fill out the form, sign it afterwars and return it to us via E-Mail (


3. Completion

After processing and verification of all data, the final approval and publication of your document in the repository will take place, about which we will inform you by e-mail.