1. Aims and Content Criteria of the repository

The repository offers the publication, indexing and long-term archiving of electronic documents. The service is part of the international Open Access movement. The FID move repository is based on the Saxon document and publication server Qucosa.

The following documents can be submitted electronically:

  • Dissertations and habilitations
  • Research Reports
  • Proceedings and Congress Contributions (InProceedings)
  • Books and parts of books (InBooks)
  • Journal volumes/issues and journal articles
  • Lectures and Presentations
  • Other publications

The document and publication server offers a worldwide availability of full texts and long-term storage of their publications.

Citeability is ensured by a permanent address (persistent identifier urn:nbn/DOI).

By using structured metadata, the electronic documents will be bibliographically described and will be made available through national and international library catalogues, search engines, and other research tools.

A search module is available for searching on the repository.

As a registered data provider of the Open Archive Initiative (OAI) , this server provides the opportunity for research and structuring the metadata by providers throughout the world.

The repository is suitable for both first and second publications. Most publishing houses (including Blackwell, Elsevier, Kluwer, Springer, Wiley) now allow their authors parallel open access publishing on document servers. According to the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat), authors can also publish their documents – taking account of any blocking period – on a document server while respecting the copyright. The granted rights can be determined via the SHERPA/RoMEO-List.

With the declaration of consent for electronic publishing, the authors or publishers transfer the necessary rights to archive the documents and make them available for free use on the internet to the SLUB Dresden as the provider of the document server. The authors or publishers of electronic documents are responsible for compliance with the copyright and exploitation rights of third parties.

The authors or editors are responsible for the content of the documents. The FID assumes no liability.

The registration of a document with Qucosa does not entail the right of its online provision. In exceptional cases, the FID reserves the right not to make registered documents available. The authors will be informed of this in each case. There is no recourse to legal action.

The publications are available on a long-term basis. A minimum availability of 5 years is guaranteed for all documents. At present, the documents are stored in a triple redundant manner at two locations. In the future, the documents will be included in the SLUB archive. The prerequisite for this is compliance with the Technical Standards for the Delivery of Digital Documents.

By signing the declaration of agreement for electronic publishing on Qucosa, authors and publishers grant the SLUB Dresden, which is the provider of the document and publication server Qucosa, all necessary rights to archive the document and deposit a copy on the freely accessable academic document and publication server Qucosa. The responsibility for ensuring the compliance with copyrights as well as exploitation rights of a third-party- still rests with the author or publisher of the electronic document.


2. The electronic document

For the purposes of these Guidelines, the term "electronic document" refers to a document based on text and graphics and stored in digital form. In addition to traditional text, multimedia documents with sound, images, film, computer animation, etc. can also be published.

An electronic document to be published via Qucosa fulfils the following conditions:

  1.  It is intended for distribution to the public.
  2.  If updates to the respective document are necessary, the modified document is saved as a new version. Documents that have already been published will not be deleted. Public access to documents can be blocked for legal reasons (see FAQ).
  3.  The document complies with the specified publication parameters.


3. Indexing

All documents are subject indexed by the SLUB Dresden or the authors themselves and can be found via this indexing. The following subject indexing tools are used or offered:

        free keywords in German and English
        Regensburg Union Classification RVK
        Dewey Decimal Classification DDC

The electronic documents are provided with individual and permanent addresses which allow immediate access to the documents.

The documents are, among others referenced

    in the SLUB catalogue
    in the Southwest German Library Network (SWB)
    in the catalogue of the German National Library
    at Google Scholar
    at BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
    at OpenAire



International standards, such as the guidelines of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), are used and further developed for the indexing, storing and archiving of electronic documents.


4. Contact Us


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